Master spinner, master weaver, rug maker, quilter… these noble, ancestral crafts still lie at the heart of the Arpin spinning mill.

Once the fabrics have been produced, our seamstresses set to work creating home décor items such as cushions, rugs and blankets.

Check our deco atmospheres here.

  • 33,33 € In Stock

    Its design is similar to Gyspe, it allows to coordinate its card holder with its computer cover. A very sober look all in elegance and finesse. It will welcome both your credit cards and your business cards. It is an essential accessory in the panoply of the perfect business man / woman.

    33,33 €
  • 50,00 € In Stock

    New for Arpin spinning, this baby blanket made of merino wool from Arles ensures softness and lightness for the baby's comfort.

    50,00 €
  • 266,67 € Out of stock

    Plaid made of alpine wool,it represents Arpin values. Typical and affirmed colors, this plaid brings a raw and authentic character with a small fringe with contrasted colors.

    266,67 €
  • 91,67 € Product available with different options 91,67 € - 116,67 €

    Enhance your decor with a touch of velvet, this cushion range with contrasting bias is made in our fabric Bonneval cloth. A range of cushion that will easily match in all decorations.Plus, a limited edition with bright colors to energize your decor and bring pep's in your interiors.

    91,67 € 91,67 € - 116,67 €
  • 108,33 € In Stock

    Novelty of Arpin, this product is designed to sublimate the decoration of your table or just put a touch of color. Achieved in « muletière » this table runner is easy to maintain. A contrasting topstitch brings depth to the product and the small embroidery Arpin comes to sign the article.

    108,33 €
  • 91,67 € In Stock 91,67 € - 116,67 €

    Matching to the plaids, the cushions are available in two sizes, one square and one rectangular. Graphic by the play of stripes and contrasted colors between the chevrons, Arolle is a simple and pure product, perfect for natural decorations.

    91,67 € 91,67 € - 116,67 €
  • 216,67 € In Stock

    Novelty for this winter 2018/2019 collection, the plaid Aspre invites you in a world of softness thanks to the use of the merino wool of Arles. A very nice and light wool. Graphic plaid by the play of stripes and color contrasts between the rafters that make it a simple and pure product, perfect for natural decorations.

    216,67 €
  • 100,00 € Out of stock

    The cushion Aulne is the successful alliance between classical and contemporary. The simplicity of the chevron pattern is combined with the thickness and texture of the product.

    100,00 €
  • 116,67 € In Stock

    This season the range of cushions Aure, is enriched and coordinates itself to plaids, these cushions offer you a decoration with typical Savoyard look.

    116,67 €
  • 166,67 € Product available with different options

    Enhance your seating with a touch of velvet ! this elegant plaid with contrasting bias make in our historical fabric named « drap de Bonneval ». A basic plaid that will easily match in any decorations. The best, four brightly colored limited plaids edition will energize your decor and bring peps into your interiors.

    166,67 €
  • 116,67 € In Stock 91,67 € - 116,67 €

    Dynamic chevron patterns and contrasted by a solid face, this cushion made of “Etoffe de Séez” is made from lambswool, which gives its finesse and softness.

    116,67 € 91,67 € - 116,67 €
  • 183,33 € Product available with different options 183,33 € - 291,67 €

    Folk look, with its fringes the plaid enriches our collection with associations of unique gradient. With unisex colors, these plaids fit perfectly to children's rooms.

    183,33 € 183,33 € - 291,67 €