Arpin throws are made according to traditional wool-weaving techniques. Made on vintage weaving machines, Arpin covers offer the very finest quality.  They will stand the test of time, with strength and robustness only matched by the quality of their feel on your skin.

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    Plaid made of alpine wool,it represents Arpin values. Typical and affirmed colors, this plaid brings a raw and authentic character with a small fringe with contrasted colors.

    266,67 €
  • 216,67 € In Stock

    Novelty for this winter 2018/2019 collection, the plaid Aspre invites you in a world of softness thanks to the use of the merino wool of Arles. A very nice and light wool. Graphic plaid by the play of stripes and color contrasts between the rafters that make it a simple and pure product, perfect for natural decorations.

    216,67 €
  • 166,67 € Product available with different options

    Enhance your seating with a touch of velvet ! this elegant plaid with contrasting bias make in our historical fabric named « drap de Bonneval ». A basic plaid that will easily match in any decorations. The best, four brightly colored limited plaids edition will energize your decor and bring peps into your interiors.

    166,67 €
  • 183,33 € Product available with different options 183,33 € - 291,67 €

    Folk look, with its fringes the plaid enriches our collection with associations of unique gradient. With unisex colors, these plaids fit perfectly to children's rooms.

    183,33 € 183,33 € - 291,67 €
  • 233,33 € In Stock 141,67 € - 233,33 €

    Emblematic plaid of the Arpin brand, it will seduce you with its softness due to its scraped material and its scale point finish. This plaid is a return to authenticity. Ideal for classic mountain chalet or more contemporary styles.

    233,33 € 141,67 € - 233,33 €
  • 183,33 € In Stock 183,33 € - 291,67 €

    This plaid will seduce you by the thickness of its material. The heathered weaving of the wool makes the color vibrate. All underlined by contrasting fringes, it brings a touch of modernity in your interior.

    183,33 € 183,33 € - 291,67 €
  • 375,00 € Product available with different options

    This plaid is the emblem of the Arpin know-how, it requires a dexterity and a mastery of wool assembling techniques. A luxurious room, which must be reserved for a central place for an immediate and unforgettable decorative effect.

    375,00 €
  • 166,67 € Product available with different options

    Dynamic chevron patterns contrasted with light and dark colors, this plaid is made of Etoffe de Séez and lambswool, which gives its thinness and softness.

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  • 166,67 € Out of stock

    Geometric pattern, very contemporary, gives a graphic identity to your decoration. Made in Séez fabric, this makes it a soft, lightweight plaid.

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  • 266,67 € Out of stock 166,67 € - 266,67 €

    This fringed plaid is the successful alliance between classical and contemporary. The sobriety of the chevron pattern mingles with the thickness and relief texture of the plaid.

    266,67 € 166,67 € - 266,67 €
  • 233,33 € Product available with different options 141,67 € - 233,33 €

    Grid pattern, very graphic, in natural colors, for these plaids very soft made of wool, thanks to the mechanical action of scraping. They will seduce you by their simplicity and their scale point finish.

    233,33 € 141,67 € - 233,33 €