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    The spinning mill Arpin, with the help of Christophe Lapergue designer of Homemade Architecture, launched the Alpillow. Contraction of Alps and Pillow this big cushion of the Alps filled well its promise. A giant cushion filled with polyester balls, surrounded by a cushion covered of Arpin « muletière » , very resistant to withstand the unexpected...

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    The stool is born from the collaboration of the spinning mill Arpin with a joiner. This product is made locally, in Savoie. It assures you a very stable base, and its French manufacture makes it a solid and durable product in time. In the movement of Scandinavian decoration this product will find its place in all styles of interiors, classic or more modern.

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    New size for this pouf, which allows to expand its use as a seat, coffee table, bedside table, it becomes an indispensable complement to our legendary Alpillow. Its leather handle makes it easy to move from one room to another. The use of the mule makes it a resistant product, which can be used outdoors. This pouf is fully removable for easy maintenance.

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    It is the little brother of our Refuge pouf, it is worked in a softer fabric, but especially agrees with our range of plaid and cushion degraded. The advantage, a double-sided pouf with a gradient Jacquard part and a solid part, you can modulate your decoration according to your desires. This pouf is fully removable for easy maintenance.

    291,67 €