Arpin has developed two great collections for men.

The Authentic is the classic Arpin range which combines an authentic look with excellent quality.

The Adventure collection is a modern, technical tribute to the great French polar explorer, Paul-Emile Victor.

These two collections feature everything for the modern man: woollen jackets, trousers, check shirts and even polo shirts. We’ve got a range of accessories to complete your look and stay warm in winter too: belts, hats, beanies, gloves and more…

  • 290,83 € In Stock

    100% Extrafine wool zipped pullover with Arpin wool reinforcements on the shoulders.

    290,83 €
  • 290,83 € In Stock

    Warm and elegant buttoned jacket with its shawl collar.

    290,83 €
  • 582,50 € In Stock

    The traditional raincoat has been revisited and draws its originality from its modern style and its faux fur collar.

    582,50 €
  • 457,50 € In Stock

    Genuine down puffer jacket, for use in town when it is very cold, or in the mountains.

    457,50 €
  • 315,83 € In Stock

    With its zipped neck, high pockets and a blend of materials, this pullover is original and versatile.

    315,83 €
  • 357,50 € In Stock

    Hybrid jacket with a modern style thanks to its fixed hood and its two Arpin wool breast pockets.

    357,50 €
  • 332,50 € In Stock

    Perfectly fitted cut and understated, casual style.

    332,50 €
  • 415,83 € In Stock

    A modern style but still an elegant classic.

    415,83 €
  • 540,83 € In Stock

    Modern bomber jacket adapted to Arpin's traditional style: noble material and timeless yet modernised look.

    540,83 €
  • 540,83 € In Stock

    A slightly warmer jacket with a neat cut and fancy details.

    540,83 €
  • 665,83 € In Stock

    This jacket replicates the original style of the iconic Paul Emile Victor half-zip model and is combined with the ease of use of a full-zip opening: a real stylistic achievement.

    665,83 €
  • 915,83 € In Stock

    This puffer-style wool jacket blends noble and modern materials. It will keep you warm in town and in the mountains.

    915,83 €