Fashion never stands still. Come and discover the wide range of clothes for women from the Arpin fashion collection, with coats, jackets, pullovers, cardigans and more.

The Authentic is the classic Arpin range which combines an authentic look with excellent quality.

The Adventure collection is a modern, technical tribute to the great French polar explorer, Paul-Emile Victor.

With Arpin, you can mix styles, times and materials to your heart’s content.

  • 166,67 € In Stock

    Trendy product, it stands out as essential to the chic look. Used as a patio cover for summer breezes or as a cozy shawl for the winter, this product will keep you warm like a blanket but always with style.

    166,67 €
  • 440,83 € Product available with different options

    Authenticity and refinement of the emblematic Arpin cape.

    440,83 €
  • 249,17 € Out of stock

    Loose fit and comfortable shawl collar vest that is particularly warm thanks to its blend of merino wool and cashmere.

    249,17 €
  • 290,83 € In Stock

    Elegance and femininity, with a touch of sportiness.

    290,83 €
  • 582,50 € Out of stock

    This classic and timeless coat embodies Arpin's elegance. It is enhanced by genuine removable fur.

    582,50 €
  • 415,83 € In Stock

    Genuine down puffer jacket, for use in town when it is very cold, or in the mountains.

    415,83 €
  • 240,83 € In Stock

    Classic and refined après-ski stretch pants that flatter the figure.

    240,83 €
  • 332,50 € In Stock

    Dynamic and feminine style with a blend of original materials.

    332,50 €
  • 832,50 € Product available with different options

    A mix of authenticity and modernity. This jacket blends style and comfort thanks to its warmth and waterproofness.

    832,50 €
  • 524,17 € Product available with different options

    Motorcycle leather jacket-inspired model with a faux fur collar: modern and ultra-comfortable.

    524,17 €
  • 499,17 € In Stock

    This elegant jacket does not feature a hood and can be worn in any circumstances, in town and in the mountains alike.

    499,17 €
  • 790,83 € In Stock

    The design of this jacket is both minimalistic and very elegant, thereby enhancing its perfectly fitted cut.

    790,83 €