Don’t forget our accessories. They are the perfect way to adjust and perfect your style.

Come and discover our range of Arpin beanies, belts and hats.

  • 20,83 € Out of stock

    Small essential accessory in his wardrobe (à supprimer), this keychain is available in several colors. The combination of wool and leather makes it a very trendy and durable product, perfect to carry your favorite brand with you. It is a perfect gift item (à supprimer) for all occasions.

    20,83 €
  • 140,83 € In Stock

    Retro style cap made of Arpin “Drap de Savoie” wool, with a complete satin lining.

    140,83 €
  • 99,17 € Product available with different options
  • 57,50 € In Stock

    Corkscrew blending French know-how and high-quality materials. It positions itself around the bottle neck to display the cork and prevent drops from running down the bottle.

    57,50 €
  • 182,50 € In Stock

    Hat with style inherited from bygone hawkers, made of Arpin wool and with a satin lining.

    182,50 €
  • 32,50 € Product available with different options

    100% wool knee-high socks.

    32,50 €
  • 29,17 € In Stock

    Leather and Arpin wool key ring, the perfect accessory to showcase French artisan know-how.

    29,17 €
  • 41,67 € In Stock

    Released for the first time with our summer collection, this bow tie is the essential for gentlemen. Trendy product by definition, spinning mill offers this article in three colors, a very sober finish to let our material express itself, and to show all its character and uniqueness. The packaging worked makes it a perfect accessory for a gift.

    41,67 €
  • 29,17 € Product available with different options

    100% wool ankle socks.

    29,17 €
  • 57,50 € In Stock

    Turn-up beanie.

    57,50 €
  • 62,50 € In Stock

    Two-coloured turn-up beanie, with a polar fleece lining.

    62,50 €
  • 54,17 € In Stock

    Sailor-type short turn-up beanie.

    54,17 €