Adventure Collection 

Famous French explorer Paul-Emile Victor (1907-1995) trusted Arpin for his polar expeditions, wearing the woollen fabrics produced at its spinning mill. This is why the brand decided to pay tribute to him by designing the “Aventure” collection.

This product range draws its inspiration from the values related to exploration, blending authenticity and modernity, thanks to a careful combination of authentic wool and technical materials, resulting in a range of warm and comfortable clothes.

  • 290,83 € In Stock

    100% Extrafine wool zipped pullover with Arpin wool reinforcements on the shoulders.

    290,83 €
  • 457,50 € In Stock

    Genuine down puffer jacket, for use in town when it is very cold, or in the mountains.

    457,50 €
  • 315,83 € In Stock

    With its zipped neck, high pockets and a blend of materials, this pullover is original and versatile.

    315,83 €
  • 357,50 € In Stock

    Hybrid jacket with a modern style thanks to its fixed hood and its two Arpin wool breast pockets.

    357,50 €
  • 332,50 € In Stock

    Perfectly fitted cut and understated, casual style.

    332,50 €
  • 665,83 € In Stock

    This jacket replicates the original style of the iconic Paul Emile Victor half-zip model and is combined with the ease of use of a full-zip opening: a real stylistic achievement.

    665,83 €
  • 915,83 € In Stock

    This puffer-style wool jacket blends noble and modern materials. It will keep you warm in town and in the mountains.

    915,83 €
  • 832,50 € In Stock

    This sporty and elegant jacket is lightweight, which makes it the ideal choice for wearing several layers in order to benefit from more versatility. <img

    832,50 €
  • 707,50 € In Stock

    A new dynamic style for this light jacket, available in two-coloured or three-coloured options. <img

    707,50 €
  • 374,17 € In Stock

    Trendy light and packable micro puffer jacket. Designed for everyday use or as a second layer underneath a ski jacket.

    374,17 €