Drap de Bonneval 

The original fabric, the mountain soul: authentic, timeless and exclusive.

The « Bonneval Fabric », the very first woven cloth produced by Arpin, owes its names to the « Pope of Bonneval-sur-Arc », a famous high mountain guide during the 1900’s. Pierre Blanc, one of the very first mountain guides, liked the quality of the Bonneval fabric so much that he spread it throughout the valley and beyond.
Today, although the spinning and the weaving have been modernized, the production continues in the same old way, following the seasons. The wool is purchased from local farms after the autumn shearing. Its simple and pure beauty is matched only by his legendary strength. Ideal to cover elegantly seats and sofas, it also helps make the perfect curtain fall.

The Bonneval fabric is used on the ARPIN apparel collection and on the traditional dress of the ‘Compagnie des Guides’ of Chamonix-Mont Blanc.

Check the fabric uses guide here.

100% pure Alpine wool
Width: 150cm
Weight: 550gr/m²