Interior decoration 

Everyday objects and decorative items tell a story and reflect the individual style of their owner.

Arpin is expanding into this world with a range of stylish and original products that remain faithful to its core values of authenticity and quality.

The fine craftsmanship of these objects, which include tablet cases, umbrellas, luggage tags and valet trays, will appeal to all lovers of a simple, modern lifestyle.

  • 33,33 € In Stock

    Its design is similar to Gyspe, it allows to coordinate its card holder with its computer cover. A very sober look all in elegance and finesse. It will welcome both your credit cards and your business cards. It is an essential accessory in the panoply of the perfect business man / woman.

    33,33 €
  • 108,33 € In Stock

    Novelty of Arpin, this product is designed to sublimate the decoration of your table or just put a touch of color. Achieved in « muletière » this table runner is easy to maintain. A contrasting topstitch brings depth to the product and the small embroidery Arpin comes to sign the article.

    108,33 €
  • 20,83 € Out of stock

    Small essential accessory in his wardrobe (à supprimer), this keychain is available in several colors. The combination of wool and leather makes it a very trendy and durable product, perfect to carry your favorite brand with you. It is a perfect gift item (à supprimer) for all occasions.

    20,83 €
  • 166,67 € In Stock

    Novelty of the spinning mill, this little backpack, is also worn on the shoulder. Its adjustable handles allow you to better adjust your accessory. Simple and uncluttered, the design highlights all the richness and uniqueness of the Arpin material.

    166,67 €
  • 104,17 € In Stock 104,17 € - 112,50 €

    Simple and refined design, this slipcover highlights the Arpin material. Absolutely sober, it will protect your computer in a wool case. Resistant, aesthetic it will follow you in all your travels. It is also ideal to offer and available in two sizes 13 and 15 inches.

    104,17 € 104,17 € - 112,50 €
  • 29,17 € In Stock

    Leather and Arpin wool key ring, the perfect accessory to showcase French artisan know-how.

    29,17 €
  • 41,67 € In Stock

    Released for the first time with our summer collection, this bow tie is the essential for gentlemen. Trendy product by definition, spinning mill offers this article in three colors, a very sober finish to let our material express itself, and to show all its character and uniqueness. The packaging worked makes it a perfect accessory for a gift.

    41,67 €
  • 62,50 € In Stock

    This year, our range of table sets is enriched with a color which will bright up your table. Just like your table runner, there is a contrasting topstitch to fram and to finish the product. The embroidery is placed to finish and sign this set. Realized in « muletière », it will be easy to maintain. Sold by pair.

    62,50 €
  • 66,67 € In Stock

    New in the accessories Arpin brand, this cover for tablet, with simple design, purified which puts in the honor the uniqueness of the wool. The two-way of closing makes it a very easy object to use. Ideal for carrying your tablet and an original idea for a gift.

    66,67 €
  • 83,33 € Product available with different options

    Our photophore is entirely made in France. You can appreciate the thickness of the glass that guarantees you strength and durability over time. Thanks to the combination of leather and Arpin wool, this item will easy fit with (supprimer ease in)your home. Whether classic or more modern, this product will bring you a warm and subdued source of light.

    83,33 €
  • 166,67 € In Stock

    Trendy product, it stands out as essential to the chic look. Used as a patio cover for summer breezes or as a cozy shawl for the winter, this product will keep you warm like a blanket but always with style.

    166,67 €
  • 166,67 € Out of stock

    New Arpin product launched during the summer collection, this storage bag with elegant design invites you to store your stuff while keeping a decorative spirit. Its leather handle allows you to hang it and make it a real decorative object. Its wool construction and cotton lining make it a strong and durable product.

    166,67 €