This year, for the very first time, we’re offering you a chance to change styles – or rather, change season. Step with us into memories of childhood summer holidays, revisiting those moments in the country with our new range: bord de lac (lakeside).

Summer is a time for getting out of the house, taking off and exploring new horizons… take the time to sit back and admire the hues of the sunset as they drift from warm oranges and reds into softer coral tones. A soft, almost baby blue evokes memories of childhood and clear skies, while navy conjures images of a placid lake. Stripes inspired by the distant horizon and prism-like diamond patterns serve to highlight and bring depth to these new products.

Friendship, sharing and family bonds run deeply through this collection. With the classic family picnic in mind, this range includes everything you need: a basket, a blanket, a lunchbox, outdoor seats and more. These products are intended to get you out under the open sky and spend time with your loved ones. Like them, our products will stay by your side for many years to come.