Cleaning instructions

Cleaning instructions

Wool is a natural living material. For it to keep its properties, it's necessary to follow a few simple rules :

Hanging storage is preferable, on molded or padded hangers so that the clothes keep their shape. It is also possible to store the clothes folded; it would then be necessary to let the garment breathe to remove the wrinkles.

Removing wrinkles
Wool can be dampened and hung up or even ironed with a warm iron (around 150°) on the reverse.

Dry cleaning is recommended

To combine practicality with pleasure, like many natural materials wool is susceptible to mites so it is possible to put a little lavender extract in the storage cupboard. If the smell bothers you there are other specific products sold in large shops.


Voile de Laine

The durability of this fabric is related to the cleaning.

Laundry is mandatory for this reference.

Household washing
Hand wash is not recommended (warm water with soap water in a bath or basin + dry in open air)
The reaction is different and creates shrinking of the fabric.

Washing machine FORBIDDEN : wool/delicate mode + wool detergent =  average of 80 cm of shrinking
Dust can be removed with a vacuum when the curtains are still on the windows.