The Arpin Factory is listed as “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”, which means Living Heritage Company.

For Arpin, it is the acknowledgement of an everyday work to preserve an unique heritage, and perpetuate a rare and well-preserved ancestral know-how. Our company is one of the only to still weave and manufacture tailor-made finished products and items using raw fleece and to work with machines that have been listed as part of the National Heritage.

This label is a reference and a gage of quality – consumers, customers and opinion leaders seeking the services of a professional recognized for their respect for their craft and their exceptional skills. Most of them are capable of providing unique, tailor-made solutions to cater for the most specialised of requirements and the most demanding of customers.

Arpin has always based its development on these many requirements.


The Living Heritage Company (EPV) label is awarded by the state to honour the finest French artisanal and industrial companies. 

The EPV label is a reference and a gage of quality for you, the customers, consumers and buyers, who want the skill and expertise of a recognised professional – someone renowned for his/her talent and respect for his/her profession.

Living Heritage Companies cover a wide range of professions, but are united by their commitment to adaptability, speed, innovation and passion for their work. No matter how big they are or what they specialise in, they are the guardians of France’s manufacturing heritage.

Living Heritage Companies keep their production in France, in sectors where their expertise is recognised and rewarded. Most are active in international markets too, and help extend the fame and renown of iconic French expertise. They represent the spirit and skill of French manufacture, helping forge a clear economic and cultural identity for the country.

These companies are able to work on any kind of project, satisfy the most unusual requests, propose ground-breaking new solutions and meet the needs of even the most demanding clients. In every field, and whether they are traditional or high-tech, these companies have one talent in common: the ability to offer a truly personalised service and a product that you’ll find nowhere else in the world.